On admission to the outpatient department you will be assisted into your hospital gown. You may wear your socks and underwear with the exception of colonoscopy’s. You will be assisted to bed and your vital signs assessed. The nurse will start your IV in the outpatient dept.

Next you will be taken to the endoscopy room, where your ID and ID band will be verified. You will be placed on a cardiac monitor, an automatic blood pressure cuff, and a pulse oximeter probe will be placed on your finger (this measures you oxygen level). A nasal cannula will be placed for oxygen administration during the procedure. Upon the doctor’s arrival, medication will be given through your IV to help you relax. Your procedure will begin when you have reached a relaxed and comfortable state. A biopsy may be collected, if needed, and polyps removed, if accessible.

After the procedure, you will be observed in the endoscopy room for 15 to 20 minutes. Then you will return to the outpatient dept. on your carrier. Monitoring will be continued for approximately 45 minutes, When you are fully awake, and have no nausea you will be offered fluids by your nurse. When able, you will be assisted to ambulate. It is important that these activities be accomplished before discharge. Your IV will be discontinued and you may dress. Your doctor may wish to see you before discharge. Discharge instructions will be given with a copy for you to keep. You will be unable to drive for 24 hours. A licensed driver needs to be available to take you home.

We hope your recovery goes smoothly. You will receive a phone call 1 to 2 days after to check your progress.