WestOk specializes in using IMRT to treat prostate cancer, breast cancer and head and neck cancers.

A highly conformal radiation therapy, IMRT is achieved through the use of a multi-leaf collimator (MLC). The MLC allows the intensity of the beam to be varied over each field, from full intensity to any fraction that approaches zero. The collimator’s leaves are like fingers and divide the field into narrow strips. With IMRT, WestOk can modulate the intensity of the beam so that when critical structures are within the field they will be given a lesser dose than in areas where only tumor exists. In areas where both tumor and critical structures fall within the field, the intensity will be adjusted accordingly. When a variety of ports are used, the dose distributions become highly conformal. The tumor, regardless of its shape, is optimally covered and the dose can be very minimal to critical structures that are in close proximity to the tumor. This process is called optimization and is a computer generated best-fit plan.

The staff at WestOk Cancer Center work hard to keep your side effects to a minimum. Radiation treatments are painless, you feel absolutely nothing during a treatment. Although you are alone in the treatment room while the machine is turned on, you will be monitored with audio and video by the radiation therapist at all times.

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